Tribute to Ustad AllaRakha
29th April 2015


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A tribute to Ustad AllaRakha


Taufiq Qureshi - (son of Ustad AllaRakha) РMulti percussionist

Yogesh Samsi (disciple of Ustad AllaRakha)

Shahbaz Khan (disciple of Ustad AllaRakha)

Surjit Singh (disciple of Pt Ram Narayan)

Vote of Thanks by Khurshid Aulia (Organiser)

Date: 29th April 2015

Time: 6:30 PM

Venue: The Nehru Centre 8 South Audley Street London, W1K 1HF Tel: 020 7491 3567/ 020 7493 2019

Our special thanks to SAAZ Music for their support