Tribute to Ustad AllaRakha
29th April 2015


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A tribute to Ustad AllaRakha


Taufiq Qureshi - (son of Ustad AllaRakha) – Multi percussionist

Yogesh Samsi (disciple of Ustad AllaRakha)

Shahbaz Khan (disciple of Ustad AllaRakha)

Surjit Singh (disciple of Pt Ram Narayan)

Vote of Thanks by Khurshid Aulia (Organiser)

Date: 29th April 2015

Time: 6:30 PM

Venue: The Nehru Centre 8 South Audley Street London, W1K 1HF Tel: 020 7491 3567/ 020 7493 2019

Our special thanks to SAAZ Music for their support